Preparing For Meetings

At Maine Autism Collective, we understand that planning ahead is important. To increase accessibility, information about our meeting space can be reviewed below. For more information or questions, please contact us.

Meeting Space

Our Space

We currently meet in the space pictured here. The space is very open & bright with the option to dim the lighting located on the wall (as opposed to overhead). Alternative seating such as exercise balls and bean bags are provided for members to enjoy.

Paperwork Set Up

Materials for Members

The agenda for the current meeting is available for all attendees in addition to a copy of all past meeting minutes for review. Member folders complete with our meeting schedule, group information & code of conduct are also set out with these materials and our sign-in sheet near the entrance for easy access.

Sensory Items

Sensory Toys

There is a bucket of fun sensory toys to share including fidget cubes, squishies, slime & more!

Self Care Room


A low sensory self-care room is available for attendees who may need time away from a meeting or a brief sensory break.