Group Accommodations & Supports

We want all of our members to participate successfully in all Maine Autism Collective meetings & events. In order to be inclusive, we have taken some proactive measures with our members’ diverse needs & preferences in mind.

Fidgets & Stim Toys

A bin of assorted sensory related tools will be available for members to use as they choose!

Printed agendas & reading materials

Follow along during meetings more easily with printed agendas & any relevant reading materials.

communication badges

Maine Autism Collective has created communication badges & encourages members to use them.


Self-care room

Our meeting venue has a low-sensory room available for members in need of a break or quiet moment.

Scent-Free Enviroment

To support members with allergies & sensory sensitivities, we respectfully request that members are mindful of our scent-free policy.

Do you have specific sensory needs or ideas that will make our group even more accessible & inclusive? Let us know!