Code of Conduct

Expected of all members, at all meetings.


Members are expected to support accessibility needs by arriving scent-free.  


Cell phones and other electronics are turned off or on silent during meetings.


We have a limited amount of time to cover agenda topics during meetings. Please arrive on time and stick to the agenda during discussions.

Actively listen when other members are speaking (to the best of your ability).


Raise your hand to speak until called upon by the meeting facilitator or President.


Treat other members with kindness. Respect the opinions and ideas of all group members.


Self-advocates are voting members; allies, caregivers, group advisors, etc. are non-voting.


Identity-first language is used in this group; Autistic person is preferred over person with autism.


Functioning labels are harmful to our community and are not used. No high and low functioning, Asperger vs. Autism, mild or severe, etc. Autism is autism.


Maine Autism Collective focuses on autism acceptance, understanding, and inclusion; cures and treatments are never the goal.


New members wishing to attend their first meeting need to contact Maine Autism Collective prior to attending for the meeting location information. This is necessary to maintain safety and privacy for existing group members. Existing members should check-in with an Officer prior to inviting new attendees.